Summer Camp Fun - Spain
Summer Camp Fun - Spain
Summer Camp Fun Madrid July and August 2018 9 to 16 yrs
Summer Camp Fun Madrid July and August 20189 to 16 yrs

What you will do whilst at camp

Summer Camp Fun Madrid has been designed to provide the campers aged between 12 and 16 years of age with the best summer experience possible.




They will have 15 hours per week of Spanish classes with experienced staff in teaching Spanish as a second language.  The focus on their experience is to provide them with  the tools to communicate in the language quickly, gaining vocabulary and practicing what they learn in class afterwards.




Although learning is fun,  the children will enhance their stay  with activities every afternoon .  They have to choose 3 different activities every day which guarantees a mix with other campers and having to practice their Spanish. Some examples of the activities are:

  1. Archery  and team building game
  2. pool games, water slides and  water obstacle course competitions in teams
  3. Canoeing and zipline skiing,
  4. Beach Volleyball
  5. Horseback riding/introduction to golf/ football
  6. The popular Banana boat ride at the lake.




During the week, usually on wednesdays, the children will go after their class, on a half day excursion. Some examples are: going  shopping, or ice skating or to visit some of the museum of the beautiful capital, Madrid.

The objective is that amongst all the fun they also experience some of the beauty of the Spanish culture.  With this objective in mind every Saturday the students will visit;  Madrid, Segovia,  Toledo or  Avila - Beautiful traditional walled cities, historical ruins and many literary landmarks, thus breathing the history of Spain. 

 On sundays they will enjoy a relaxed fun day, with a half day excursion into nature of the surrounding area of the camp.  

Every evening will bring even more new experiences, with activities such as our famous quizz night or our musical  Karaoke night, star gazing paella by the lake, and much more. 


A memorable experience that blends learning and fun!


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